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Stefanie Wichansky

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Mar 14, 2017 11:17:00 AM

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Enriching Ourselves, Improving Our Community

The hiring process can be a complex balancing act of finding the right candidate with the right set of skills who also fits within the client’s budget. While it could be easy for us to lose sight of our candidates as people and only see them as a set of skills on a resume, at PRP our goal is to always connect with our candidates on a personal level. Helping people move into new careers is what we are passionate about. While most of the individuals that we come across are simply looking to transition their career, it is impossible to know based solely on a resume who might be in dire need of a new job in order to keep food on their table or stay in their home. It is with human-focus in mind that we began our philanthropic efforts to help our local homeless and low income population by partnering with Homeless Solutions, a New Jersey based non-profit organization that provides programs, support, and solutions to assist homeless and low income individuals.

What draws me to Homeless Solutions is the connection I feel to the wonderful people we support. They are some of the most giving and empathetic individuals who most often share that they would like to work in a field where they can help others, such as social work or health care. One individual who really stands out to me is an amazing young woman who dreamed of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). She shared with me how excited she was when, in her training class, she got to be hands-on with an elderly patient and was able to massage his feet to ease his pain. In order to become a CNA she had to pass a certification test that she had taken twice and unfortunately failed. Together we worked on a study plan and reviewed test questions and answers. When I heard she passed on her third try, I was nearly in tears. She now works as a CNA and has moved on from Homeless Solutions. The joy I felt to have played a very small part in supporting this young woman, while she worked so hard to accomplish her dream, is truly a gift to me.

Many homeless and low income individuals are not looking for handouts, they are simply looking for someone to give them a hand up so that they can beat the odds that are often against them to work towards creating a better life for themselves and their families. As a consulting agency it is part of our everyday routine to help individuals traverse the unknown of unemployment or career transition and help them land a secure career. By taking this knowledge of the hiring process and working directly with those in need, we are able to give them that hand up. Together, we are growing and strengthening our community with our own hands.

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