Quality & Regulatory Employers

PRP delivers the best and brightest pharmaceutical, medical device, and clinical professionals in the country — ready to solve any of your regulatory, quality, or remediation challenges.

Quality & Regulatory Job Seekers

Looking for your next role in the regulatory space? Learn about the types of healthcare and life science companies PRP works with, and our unrivaled bonus incentive program.

  Hospital & Clinic Employers

PRP's highly engaged leadership team, combined with a relentless focus on delivering quality healthcare staff, gives you access to a country-wide talent pool including RNs, LPNs,PCTs and beyond.

    Hospital & Clinic    Job Seekers

The PRP team gets to know you for the long term. When it comes to your background, the types of roles that keep you motivated, and work-life balance, your happiness is at the heart of everything we do.

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PRP's healthcare staffing specialists are here to answer your questions, explore the current gaps within your organization and teams, and share our unique, adaptive approach to delivering high-caliber healthcare candidates. Tell us a little about yourself, and let's set up a time to chat! 


We Live to Provide Exceptional Service

Flex Pay Model

Our unique, incentive-based compensation model, combined with a lean business philosophy, enables us to attract and retain the best and brightest professionals in the healthcare industry, while keeping costs down for our clients.


Fluid Recruiting Process

Healthcare staffing is a fast-paced and ever-evolving space. PRP's adaptive approach to technology and outreach ensures our clients consistently see expeptional results, quickly.

Recruiters with Heart

PRP recruiters are passionate about what healthcare workers do, and regularly receive compliments on the level of professionalism, care, and responsiveness we provide.



Want to Know More About The PRP Team?

PRP is a nimble, woman-owned business passionate about the needs of our clients and the professional goals of healthcare professionals. Learn more about our backgrounds, staffing philosophy, and lean business methodology:

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