1. The Perfect Blend of "Big" and "Small"

At PRP, we provide our clients with the capacity, experience, and depth and breadth of expertise of a “big” company, along with the flexibility and personalized attention of a “small” company.  PRP promotes and embraces a small company, family culture, free of all the bureaucracy and red tape that hinders many of our peers.  This allows us to respond quickly to your needs and customize our approach, processes, and solutions to what works best for you. We listen to your specific requirements, goals, and constraints and then make it happen!

2. Woman-Owned, With Purpose

Being a certified woman-owned business, PRP qualifies as a “diverse supplier”, which helps to enhance our clients’ diversity initiatives while also bringing our clients other key benefits including potential tax incentives.  The advantages provided to companies who partner with woman-owned and other diverse vendors has been well documented in the industry. At PRP, we focus on diversity in everything we do, which allows us to provide better service to our clients using new, fresh perspectives and diverse, “out of the box” thinking and problem-solving.

3. Low-Cost Operating Structure

Here at PRP, we are very proud of our ability to maintain a low-cost operating structure and reduced overhead. We employ a virtual office setting and other cost-saving initiatives which enhance our flexibility when it comes to both our clients and our consultants.  With respect to our clients, we are able to pass along these savings through rates that compare very favorably with our peers in the industry.  This means, compared to our peers, our clients get the same or better top-notch consultants, only at a superior value!  Meanwhile, we are able to provide our consultants with a full and extensive compensation and benefits package, which allows us to attract and retain the best and brightest professionals.

4. Alignment of Goals

For companies like us to truly succeed and maximize quality of service, we need to take steps to ensure alignment of our clients’ goals with our consultants’ goals. One of the ways we accomplish this is through our unique incentive-based compensation model where we pay our consultants bonuses based directly on performance feedback and ratings provided by the client.  Now, your most critical priorities and objectives are shared by the consultants serving you.

5. Giving Back

Each and every day, PRP strives not only to bring maximum value to its clients, but also to positively impact the community as a whole through a relentless focus on “giving back”. We are partnering with “Nothing But Nets” to donate life-saving mosquito nets to children at risk of contracting malaria, a deadly disease which claims the life of a child every two minutes. In addition, we work with Homeless Solutions, a New Jersey-based non-profit organization, where our team provides career coaching to homeless and low-income individuals. Philanthropy is a core value at PRP, and there is nothing more satisfying than doing our part to make a difference in the world.

6. Our Story

PRP is truly unlike any other company. CEO, owner, and founder Stefanie Wichansky promotes a culture of enthusiasm, passion, hard-work, and fun that extends to all of our clients and employees. Click here to read more about Stefanie’s fascinating story of a dream come true!