Have you experienced Third Party Inspection Partners that...

  • Do not deliver the manpower needs for Quality Containment projects
  • Do not provide adequate data
  • Lack Integrity
  • Make big promises but don't deliver
  • Are not responsive to your calls and emails

Has this led to...

  • Lost production time
  • An inability to deliver on your customer's needs
  • You and your team being overworked
  • Quality Issues
  • Fallout requiring containment 

PRP's Customers Have a Different Experience

  • We mobilize teams Immediately ~24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days per Year
  • The PRP Team arrives When and Where you need us
  • We are 100% Responsive to Your Needs
  • Our Teams are Dependable and Consistent

2023 Customer Survey Results were 100% Positive for PRP...

  Is "Extremely" Easy to work with
  Exceeded my Expectations
  Is a Company I would Use Again and Recommend


Sample Survey Response

Based on your most recent project need, how easy or difficult was it to interact with PRP Quality?

  • Extremely easy

Tell us what made your experience difficult or easy?

  • PRP made it very easy schedule a time, place, and recruitment for our project.

Were you able to accomplish your goals? Did we meet your expectations?

  • We were able to accomplish our goal of the project in less time than expected. Your team exceeded our expectations.

Would you recommend our services?  

  • Yes I would and I have.

Best Regards,

Chris Stingel
Supplier Quality Engineer Technician
Supplier Quality
Zimmer Biomet

Recent Customer E-Mail

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Recent Customer Reference Letter

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“All PRP associates are responsible for a culture of quality, continuous improvement, risk-based thinking, effective communication, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.” - PRP Quality Policy



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